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Image by Laura Chouette


As a shared space, we expect everyone who rents to treat the space respectfully (props/furniture) and to be considerate of other renters:
Return ALL items you’ve moved/rearranged back to its original position before you leave

• Sessions begin and end at the time you’ve booked – all set up and clean up must take place within that time, as well

• Failure to leave when your booked time is up, will result in an automatic charge for the next hour, if your card declines then a fee of $100 will be added

 (if no one is booked directly after you, you can always call to book more time mid-session!)

• Damage to any studio props/furniture/equipment/space will be the responsibility of the booking party member – the cost of repair or replacement will be itemized and billed accordingly

  • NO Shoes Allowed in Studio! Shoes on the seamless backdrops are fine for minimal foot traffic. If your client NEEDS their shoes on then they can take them off as they walk around and then place them back on once they get positioned/posed.

  • Wipe down frequently used surfaces

• NO smoking or vaping
• NO candles/fire/flames
• NO glitter
• NO trimming, cutting, or otherwise harming the plants
• NO pets, unless given special permission
• NO adult film production or sex acts on the premises (boudoir shoots are fine!)
• NO illegal drugs or substances on the premises
• NO attaching things to the wall, using anything that will leave a

 mark or hole – use only command strips or painter tape

Please place all props/equipment back in the original location that you found them, place trash in trash bin take all personal belongings with you, and turn off
the lights. if there is a shoot before you, we ask for you to wait to enter until your scheduled time.please be courteous of shoot after you and exit when your
time is up. The door will auto-lock behind.

The door will notify us whenever an access code is used and the time, so please be certain to enter and leave the studio at your reserved time(s).

A $55 cleaning fee will be billed for all renters who bring food and drink. If the studio is left a mess, but there is no food/drink present-the cleaning fee will also be charged to your card on file.

**Items that cannot be moved**

Gold Antique Mirrors (both)

Clawfoot Bathtub

Fireplace Mantle

A charge of $75 will be made if any of these items are moved.

*All other items may be moved but must be placed back exactly where you found them.


No refunds are given for cancellations. We allow ONE free reschedule per booking if made 72 hours before your rental. There will be no refunds or reschedules to rentals within the 72 hour time frame. All hours much be rescheduled at the same time. Bookings that have multiple hours cannot be split up. 

By booking at Blanc Studio One you agree to the above policies.

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